Indica or Sativa- Which Cannabis Strain Is Better for Nausea?

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Nausea is a symptom of several health conditions and it won’t be wrong to say that nausea in itself can be a pretty sickening condition. It is believed that treating nausea as a symptom can significantly enhance the quality of life of patients. This means that the need to treat nausea and reduce its severity has increased even further.

While there are several over the counter pills and pharmaceuticals that people consider consuming to manage nausea, medical marijuana is considered a natural alternative to these pharmaceuticals. So, get yourself a recommendation from Ohio MMJ doctors if you haven’t already and continue reading to know which marijuana strain works best for nausea.

Indica or Sativa for Nausea

It is easier to suggest that medical marijuana can serve as an alternate treatment for several health conditions but when it comes to choosing the right strain for yourself, the choice and science behind the herb can be overwhelming.

Cannabis is not just of one type like a lot of people assume. It has different strains that can offer a wide range of effects. This explains how the same plant that is known to offer sedating effects can help you get out of bed in the morning.

Indica and sativa are the two strain families of the cannabis plant. Indica is known to offer body high that will give you the couch lock effects whereas sativa offers cerebral high that can help you be a little more creative and productive.

Now, that being said, which of the two would be better for treating nausea and why? The answer lies in the cannabinoid concentration of both the strains.

Concentration of CBD and THC for Nausea

Both CBD and THC can help in managing the symptoms and severity of nausea but it is important to take into consideration what other effects they may offer. While taking THC will most definitely treat nausea, it may be a little intoxicating for patients and it can even offer psychoactive effects. In some cases, the cerebral high may be overwhelming and difficult to handle. That means, relying on THC can be a wrong choice. However, that does not mean THC is the bad guy here. It still has medicinal properties that can help with nausea but that may not be something that everyone can consume.

CBD, on the other hand, is non-psychoactive, non intoxicating cannabinoid. It is known for its medicinal properties that can treat and manage nausea without offering any overwhelming effects.

That being said, strains that have equal amounts of THC and CBD can serve the purpose perfectly as well. This means that strains that either have higher concentration of CBD than THC or equal amounts of both the major cannabinoids can be considered better for nausea.

Now, coming back to indica and sativa, indica strains have higher concentration of CBD. Sativa has a higher concentration of THC. This suggests that out of indica and sativa, indica should be the prefered strain for managing nausea.

How Does Marijuana Treat Nausea?

There are a few studies that suggest the plant is effective in reducing nausea induced by chemotherapy in cancer patients. It’s effectiveness is one of the reasons why the FDA approved medications with synthetic cannabinoids to manage nausea in cancer patients. But how exactly does the plant work?

Just like in any other health condition, cannabinoids, for nausea, work by influencing the endocannabinoid system of the body. It’s THC that binds with the CB1 receptors of the endocannabinoid system and suppresses the sensations of nausea.

CBD, on the other hand, helps with nausea by interacting with serotonin receptors. While there is very limited research on how exactly CBD works to help with nausea, researchers have found that THC has a significant role to play in reducing the severity and sensations of nausea, CBD may help by balancing the intoxicating or undesired effects of the psychoactive cannabinoid. This can be considered a reason why marijuana would work better for nausea than hemp derived CBD products available in the market.

Best Cannabis Strains for Nausea

As aforementioned, indica or indica dominant hybrid strains that have higher concentration of CBD are considered better for treating nausea as that would ensure the patient does not have to deal with undesired high or intoxicating effects of THC. But we have included a few sativa and sativa dominant hybrid strains in our list of best cannabis strains for nausea as well. After all, it’s THC that deserves the credit for treating nausea, doesn’t it? These are a few exceptions that people who have tried cannabis for nausea swear by.

Northern Lights

Starting our list with one of the best indica dominant strains. The strain ‘Northern Lights’ is around 80 to 90% indica. It is going to efficiently reduce nausea and vomiting but it is not a strain that will let you work. As an indica dominant strain, Northern Lights is going to offer you a very strong body high that will allow you to sleep like a baby. So, consume it only if you have a couch that you can get locked in.

Berry White

Berry White or White Berry is another indica dominant strain that people dealing with nausea love. It is a very mild yet effective cannabis strain that offers least side effects. Berry white gives consumers a happy high that is a little sedating and can help with depression and insomnia.

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is one such cannabis strain that can make its way to almost every list of top cannabis strains. This sativa dominant strain is popular for its productive, energizing effects that can help with conditions like ADD, ADHD, chronic pain, and eating disorders. Of course, it will help you forget nausea and nausea induced pain.

Blueberry Diesel

Blueberry diesel is the hybrid strain that perfectly combines the healing properties of both sativa and indica. It offers effects that will uplift your mood, relax your body, and reduce nausea and pain.

A few more strains that can help reduce nausea and vomiting include:

  • OG Kush
  • Lemon Haze
  • Hawaiian Delight
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • Granddaddy Purple
  • Bubba Kush

Final Words

Using marijuana for nausea can be extremely effective and helpful but choosing the right strain can be a lot more tricky than one can anticipate. While THC is the cannabinoid that can reduce nausea, CBD is required to create a balance and cancel its intoxicating, undesired effects. Especially for beginners, high THC strains can be overwhelming. It is recommended to go low and slow, and talk to Ohio MMJ doctors before self medicating with the herb.